My Eyes and My Brain

A collection of bursts of mental energy captured into text and images captured with my camera.

On the future

We no longer have faith in the system. We no longer have faith in our currency based on faith. Our oil is running out. Our crops are dying. The weather is becoming more extreme. And civil unrest is becoming the new norm. Because “the system” has failed and because those in power seem just fine with crashing into the iceberg, we the people have decided to create a new system. One based on local resources, a new meaning for wealth, and a connected community where compassion rules over greed. It will not be easy. It will get worse before it gets better. But we will establish a new paradigm for which humanity may survive. A better world is possible. This is not a dream, this is a choice. Stay on course and see what happens. Or wake up and make a change in your life. The powers that be have already made their decision. Infinite growth with finite resources never had a chance of working in the long run. They recognized oil was running out so they began “securing”(Iraq, Libya, Iran…) the remaining reserves. They pass bills that strip us of our rights and censor our speech and access to information. They understand that we are running out and they are reacting the way any one in power would. They do what they have to do to stay in control. Personal greed and a lack of compassion have brought the world to its knees. And so we occupy. To let them know that we aren’t going anywhere. That although they have decided to leave us in the dust. We have not given up hope. We have decided to come together and unite as one unstoppable force in the face of great tyranny. The balance of power will shift when people take responsibility over their own lives. We must change the way we live our lives. Change the meaning of happiness and wealth. And evolve into a self-sustaining network.

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